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How to Download Flash

August 23, 2008

First, this tips and tutorial is found by me, if you found this on other site this could be coincidence, or maybe he copy paste from here. But it’s okay its simple trik, mostly people will found and most dont.

this trick doesnt work for youtube, because at the very start it was flv, yes it was video not a 100% flash, this trick only work for file that have .swf, you will now it was .swf or not when addBlock window apper(see guide)

this guide create for people that:

  • to lazy to instal unnecessary progam
  • already have firefox 2 or 3
  • have standart addons that most people have in their firefox:”adblock Plus”
  • for people that have download manager or firefox addon:”downthemall”

now you now that you already have all of that requirement, next step is to follow every step that i give to you

  1. make sure everything is ready: firefox 2/3, adBlock Plus(addon), download manager or downthemall(addon)
  2. next is open firefox
  3. now open which page that the flash you want to download
  4. after the page is loaded and you see flash screen, see the upper-right on flash screen, it should written “block”, klik that button
  5. it should bring you to addBlock window, and you will see a link, that link is the original link of that flash, see the “.swf” at the end of link
  6. copy that link, and open your download manager, or downthemall. push the addURL button every download manager should have that button, you must find it yourself
  7. now the file must be start to downloading
  8. to play it simply, open it with firefox, or drag and drop into your firefox, for fast access

hope this trick can help you